Practical training

Are you interested on developing an internship as a cook? In the mechatronics area? Is your speciality the enterprises management? Everything is possible, and much more, of course, with European Mobility Programme.

To develop a practical training programme abroad allows you to experiment and learn a whole lot about the labor market in your sector, because you put into practice all knowledges you have gained in your time as a student or employee, you gain incalculable experience, you make your curriculum being among the best ones in all applications, and also you will know how to work in another country which will provide you a cultural learning, also from a personal level.

Companies deeply value that their employees have had a work experience abroad.

European Mobility Programme organizes your internship programme always taking into account your needs, adjusting to your tastes, and offering a top-quality programme, so your professional experience will be extremely satisfactory.

Live an authentic professional experience abroad which will change your life!!!